The 9th Judicial District is now instituting a Bad Check Program in which we can attempt to recover funds from persons who may have issued checks that are not honored for the benefit of its local merchants and citizens.

If you have accepted a check that has not been paid by a bank due to insufficient funds we will attempt to collect the funds owed to you by the passer of that check. This program is not for checks written on closed accounts, that are forged or fraudulent, that are written to out of district businesses or one in which the writer has passed numerous checks for the purpose of defrauding one or more citizens. In those cases please call local law enforcement to investigate the matter as a crime. This program applies to local businesses and local persons to whom checks are written on an active account but for which there are insufficient funds today.

Documents which set forth the basis and rules for this process are attached hereto. Please read these rules and guidelines as they will be enforced. In addition there is an application and questionnaire to avail yourself of these services. If you are the recipient of a bad check please review the attached documents. If you qualify for the program please complete the application/questionnaire and enclose the necessary documents and deliver or send those to us at:

District Attorney, 9th Judicial District
Bad Check Program
109 8th Street #308
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

If you do not qualify under the rules of the program and have taken a check on a closed account that was forged please call your law enforcement to make a report and they will determine whether to ask that we file a criminal case against the maker.