Victim Compensation

The 9th Judicial District Crime Victim Compensation Board provides compensation to any person who is victimized by violent crime in Garfield, Pitkin or Rio Blanco Counties in Colorado.  Colorado residents who are victimized in a state or country that does not have a victim compensation program, or residents who are victims of international terrorism, are also eligible to apply.    

Victims of crime MAY receive up to $20,000 (as of 2/26/19) for out-of-pocket expenses not covered by insurance or other collateral resources.  Funds to pay crime victim compensation claims do not come from taxpayers. Instead, these funds are collected through fines from criminals convicted of felony and misdemeanor crime, and some traffic offenses. 

Listed below are the general eligibility requirements to apply for compensation. 

Compensable Losses:

Only losses directly related to the compensable crime are eligible.  These may include: medical expenses, mental health expenses, lost wages,lost support to dependents, funeral expenses,repair and replacement of doors, locks and/or windows of residential property only, and security devices.  

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. The crime must have occurred in Garfield, Pitkin or Rio Blanco County in Colorado; Colorado residents who are injured in a state or country  that does not have a compensation program are also eligible to apply.
  2. The crime must be one in which the victim sustains mental or bodily injury, death, or property damage to doors, locks and windows of residential property.
  3. The crime must have occurred on or after July 1, 1982.
  4. The crime must be reported to law enforcement within 72 hours.
  5. The victim must cooperate with law enforcement officials in the investigation and prosecution of the case.
  6. The application must be filed within one year from the date of the crime; six months for property damage claims.
  7. The injury or death of the victim must not be the result of the victim’s own wrongdoing.

PLEASE NOTE: Some of these requirements may be waived for “good cause” or in the “interest of justice” at the discretion of the board.

 General Information:

  1. All awards are subject to the availability of funds.
  2. There does not have to be an arrest to be eligible for compensation.
  3. If you have insurance, you must first file your claims with the insurance company.
  4. The filing of an application does not mean your claim is approved. Your application will be reviewed by the compensation board in the district where the crime occurred. The board will determine approval or denial.
  5. Should your claim be denied, you have the right to request a reconsideration hearing before the board in the district that reviewed your claim.  You will be notified, in writing, of reconsideration hearing information.  If, after the reconsideration hearing, your claim is still denied, you have the statutory right to have the board’s decision reviewed by the district court in your judicial district.

How to File a Claim: 

Victims of crime are required to complete an application and submit it  to the board.  Itemized bills related to the crime should be submitted with the application.  If no bills have been received, an application can still be filed and bills can still be submitted to the compensation program as they are received.  The processing time is approximately 60 days to be notified of the program’s decision once bills have been received.

To Download the Application Please Click on the link. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

CVC Application

CVC Application in Spanish

Board Meeting Minutes:

To Download Board Meeting Minutes Please Click on the link. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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