Are you seeking a Return of Marijuana that is being held by a Garfield County Law Enforcement Agency?

You must obtain a court order that the marijuana be returned before the sheriff or any police department will release it to you. The requirements are that you are 21 years of age or older and otherwise qualified to possess a small amount of marijuana. If you are on probation, a sentence or on parole you may not be approved for return. Any amounts of marijuana over the maximum you are allowed to possess at any one time will be destroyed by the sheriff or police department.

Documents which set forth the basis and rules for this process are attached hereto. Please read these rules and guidelines as they will be enforced. In addition, there is an application and questionnaire to avail yourself of these services.

There is a form linked to the bottom of this website that you may use at your discretion and at your own risk if you are seeking a return of your marijuana. You may use your own form or your own attorney. This form is offered for your convenience and should not be considered to be legal advice in any manner. Just because you use this form does not mean that you will automatically get approval by the Court. You alone are responsible to file this form with the Court and to provide the DA with a copy that you file. Once you file the form, the Court will review it and you will be notified whether you need to appear before the Court. The DA may file an objection to your request based upon the circumstances of the case. Feel free to add as much or as little information to your request as you believe is prudent. If you file it and do not hear from the Court, please call them at 970-928-3065. Make sure you have your case number available.

You must include the weight or approximate weight of the marijuana, your DOB and a copy of your driver's license or State ID. This is required to make sure that you qualify for possession of marijuana. Make sure that your current mailing address and telephone number and an email address are included on the form.

The Sheriff or Police Department will only keep your marijuana for a short amount of time after they notify you to retrieve it. If you wait too long, the marijuana may be destroyed.

Motion for Disposition of Marijuana Form